Ministry of our Session Members (Elders)

The elders of the Presbyterian Church are a group of individuals chosen and elected to their positions by the people of the church.

Together with the ministers, the elders exercise leadership, government and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of their church as well as the church at large.

They serve faithfully as members of the Session. Elders are persons of faith, dedication and good judgment. Their manner of life is a demonstration of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world.

It is the duty of elders to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation committed to their charge. The Session is responsible for the total program in the local church and is the final authority in the local church.

Current Session Members

Class 2017

Gwen Fears
Kim Logsdon
Mary Jane Roberts
Robert Smith
Janet Ziegler

Class of 2018

Carol Klumb
Amy McGoldrick
Katie Payne
Deb Sayers
David Wilson

class of 2019

Jenny Bailer
Lynn Cronk
Greg Hughes
Nancy Moeckel
Johanna Reinhart


Standing Committees of Session

Worship & Music

In conjunction with the co-pastors this committee is responsible for all aspects of the worship of God by the people in the Oxford Presbyterian Church, including the preaching of the word, the sharing of the Sacraments, the sequence and proportion of the various parts of public worship and music program. Responsibilities include:

  • preparing communion; assigning elders and deacons to serve communion
  • working with Music Director to support and enhance the quality of music programs
  • recruiting greeters, liturgists, and acolytes for worship services
  • coordinating flowers for worship services and decorating for special services
  • coordinating, with co-pastors and Diaconate, policies and procedures for weddings
  • responding to needs created by other special worship ceremonies

Membership, Evangelism & Fellowship

This committee reaches out to the church members, provides adult fellowship opportunities (such as Time to Dine and First Friday Niters), encourages potential new members, provides information about the church and activities, and assists the co-pastors as needed. Responsibilities include:

  • evangelism through personal calls to those who visit worship services, participating in new member classes, reaching out to members who have not recently participated in church activities
  • fellowship opportunities through fellowship time after services, hosting fellowship programs such as fall picnic, international student dinner, summer ice cream social, time to dine dinner groups
  • public relations through communicating membership information, preparing church directory, advertising church functions
  • outreach to new Miami University students
  • sending cards to families on the first anniversary of child’s baptism
  • regularly lifting up individuals and families by “praying through the congregation”

Christian Education

This committee supports the continuing Christian education of children, youth, college students and adults. Responsibilities include:

  • leadership of recruiting and training teachers, superintendent, Christian Education Director, grant-in-aid students, and nursery attendants
  • selecting Church school curriculum, developing curriculum and teaching aids for classes and special church seasons
  • supporting camp attendance and field trips
  • coordinating participation in community vacation bible school
  • sponsoring fellowship activities for middle and senior high schoolers
  • supporting Club 45/56, Environmental Stewardship/Exploration club for 4TH, 5TH, and 6TH graders
  • providing liaison to Christian Cooperative Nursery School

Mission & Outreach

This committee plans mission activities and programs for the congregation, raising the mission consciousness of the church. Responsibilities include:

  • distributing  the general mission budget, the designated mission budget and the income from other mission funds to groups within and outside the church (local, national, international)
  • educating the congregation about mission
  • providing opportunities for the congregation to participate in hand on mission and outreach projects
  • responding to local and world disaster relief (hygiene kits for Haiti) through
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
  • liaison with international church partnerships in Russia and Colombia

Stewardship & Finance

This committee is charged with the financial management of the church, the financial stewardship program, and personnel matters. The church treasurer is also a member of this committee. The co-pastors and financial secretary are ex-officio members. Responsibilities include:

  • recommending policy and procedures for financial management to the session
  • creating annual budget
  • coordinating annual stewardship campaign
  • managing investment of endowment funds
  • recommending to session personnel policy and procedures and staff compensation
  • subcommittees include Personnel and Planned Gifts


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