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Mission and Outreach

Serving others…Following our Servant Savior,
we give our time, talent and resources to help bring fullness of life to others.

How are we called?

A boat is safe in its harbor. However, for a boat to be a boat and fulfill it’s purpose in life the boat must leave the harbor and sail the seas.

This analogy is one way of explaining how OPC looks at the ministry opportunities that happen outside of the local church. We believe that we are all called to our own form of ministry … those who teach will teach, those who preach will preach, those who exhort will exhort (paraphrase Romans, Chapter 12).

While we are always committed to the ministry, fellowship and faith sharing in our local church, we are equally committed to “leave the harbor and sail the seas”; to leave our local church setting and aid where aid is needed, befriend the friendless, and love all unequivocally.

To learn more about our outreach opportunities, select a link below. If you have any questions or would like to make suggestions, use the Online Contact Form or call the church office, (513) 523-6364.

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>> Serving in the Community
>> Serving in the World 


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is part of OPC’s One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance aids in response to disasters, whether natural or human-caused. Donations may be sent through these usual, mission giving channels:

  1. Credit Card by Phone: Gifts can be made by calling PresbyTel, 800-872-3283
  2. Credit Card Online: Gifts may be made by logging onto
  3. Personal Check: Gifts may be sent, payable to PCUSA, by mailing them directly to:
    Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
    Central Receiving Services
    100 Witherspoon Street
    Louisville, KY 40202-1396

Over the years, many individuals and congregations have requested projects for alternative giving and/or other special giving opportunities to help disaster survivors. If you wish to designate a donation to go to a a specified cause, go to