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The Mission and Outreach Committee: 
being the hands and feet of Christ in the world!!

The Mission and Outreach Committee is a standing committee of the Session, and is made up of one or more Session members along with additional members and friends of the congregation who have an interest in Mission Work. We are given funds by the church that are to be dispersed for the Glory of God to meet the needs of people with in our church community, in our local area, in our nation, and in our world. The Mission and Outreach committee supports numerous worthy programs far and wide!

In addition to dispersing funds, and perhaps even more importantly, the Mission and Outreach Committee plans activities where members of the congregation can ‘be the hands and feet of Christ in the world’ by reaching out to others, and by learning about how to support others who are doing God’s Work in the world.

OPC sponsors four Missionaries through the Mission and Outreach Committee. In the last year we have been blessed to have 3 of our Missionaries home on leave. Mission and Outreach sponsored conversations with our Missionaries following the church service where church members could learn more about their efforts to bring Good News to the people!  Last year, our friend and former member Holly Gage presented a program about her time with Mercy Ships medical mission in Madagascar.

There are two subgroups under the Mission and Outreach Committee:

Mustard Seed Investment Group

The Mustard Seed Investment Group consists of nine members of the congregation who have an interest in and calling to support mission and outreach work. Each member of the group is committed to contributing $50 each time they meet ($50, four times per year.) How the donations are to be distributed are voted on by members of the group. The group meets four times a year to discuss a portfolio of potential support recipients. The donations are owned by the church, but managed and contributed to by the group. The intent is that the amount donated annually will increase as the portfolio grows. The group recently contributed $500 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Mustard Seed Investment Group welcomes new, voting members. Individuals are invited to join as are couples (who are welcome to join as a voting unit). This is an excellent opportunity to join a small investment group of fellow church members, learn a little about investing, and support mission. For more information use the Online Contact Form or call the church office, (513) 523-6364. Qualifications are an open heart and active imagination … no investment expertise is necessary … and you get to spend the other members’ money!

Peacemaking Committee

This outreach committee sponsors and coordinates several outreach opportunities following Christ’s calling to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17).

Oxford Community Dinners
The Peacemaking Committee is responsible for OPC’s participation in the Oxford Community Dinners. These dinners are held at a different location each Wednesday evening. OPC’s dinner is held the fifth Wednesday of the month at the Seminary Church.

Bread for the World Offering of Letters
In 2011 the Peacemaking Committee supported and interpreted Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters by holding a letter writing event. Letters requesting that our congress representatives work purposefully and diligently to end world poverty were written by several people and were well received by our congress members. To celebrate the event, committee members baked and served nut bread during the letter writing time. The church is now a Bread for the World member-supporting congregation in memory of Charlie Clum.