Ministry of our Board of Deacons

The Deacons’ ministry is to show the love of Jesus Christ to the church and the community. Individuals ordained as Deacons are persons of spiritual character that exhibit traits of honesty, caring, love, and compassion. Their hearts go out to members of the congregation and community who are in distress and to all people who would benefit from experiencing the love of God in concrete ways.

Current Board of Deacons

Class of 2017

Dan Cross
Connie Everhart
Matt Lykins
Rori Lykins
Jean O’Connell

Class of 2018

Lee Fisher
Virginia Layton
Joni Marcum
Mary Jo McFadden
Karen Shearer

class of 2019

Carol Burkhalter
Debbie Davidson
Janet Holmes
Pat Roberts
Diane Young


Committees of the Board of Deacons

Angel List

Angels are members of the congregation who are no longer able to attend worship services at the church. Members attend to the special needs of our church Angels. Activities include:

  • visit with Angels
  • run errands for Angels when needed
  • send cards of greetings to Angels/li>


Blood Assurance

Members assure that blood drives are held at the Seminary Church as needed. Activities include:

  • coordinate blood drive arrangements with Hoxworth Blood Center
  • organize and publicize blood drives


Food Drive

Members work with the Oxford Community Choice Pantry (OCCP). Activities include:

  • seek donations on an ongoing basis and in times of greater need
  • educate the congregation regarding food drive needs
  • deliver monthly donations to the OCCP


Kindness Fund

Members work to bring cheer to those members in need. Activities include:

  • arrange for and/or deliver flower arrangements, plants or balloons.


Kroger Fund Project

Members use funds generated through the Kroger Gift Card fundraiser. Activities include:

  • shop for the Oxford Community Choice Pantry
  • provide funds for various local mission projects


Octogenarians & Caring Cards Mission

Show special care to and greetings of church members who are over 80 years. Activities include:

  • send Birthday cards
  • deliver Christmas and Easter greetings
  • arrange for special greetings from the White House and state of Ohio


Prayer Line

The Prayer Line is maintained by a deacon in order to see that all in need of prayer receive prayer. Activities include:

  • receive prayer requests from staff and members and communicate the requests through e-mail and phone ministries
  • pray for all, without ceasing


Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls are made and given to those in need of care and spiritual healing. Activities include:

  • recruit crafters in the congregation to knit shawls
  • distribute shawls as needed


Santavicca Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund

Annually a scholarship is given to a Seminary student. Activities include:

  • receive applications
  • review applications
  • make scholarship recommendations


Stress & Concern

Members provide meals to families that have a new baby, experiencing a medical crisis or extreme stress or mourning the loss of a loved one. Activities include:

  • organize and oversee receptions after a funeral or memorial service
  • along with committee members, recruit other church members to prepare dinners for families or provide food for receptions
  • distribute dinners as needed


Wedding Hostesses

Wedding Hostesses work with bridal couples to see that their wedding at the church goes as smoothly as possible. Activities include:

  • attend the rehearsal and organize and direct the wedding party
  • be present at the wedding as a resource person from the church


Special Projects

Special Projects are those that are not undertaken by other committees. Activities include:

  • work with the church and community to determine special needs
  • recruit and organize members in order to carry out special projects
  • be and ever-attentive ear in order to listen for what may be a need that isn’t currently being met examples include care packages for armed services personnel, grief workshops,and goodie bags for students before exam week.

Do you shop at Kroger’s and have a Kroger Plus Card?  If so you can help the Deacons of the Oxford Presbyterian Church reach out to those in need in our church and community.  Here’s how!  To participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, one must have a Kroger Plus Card and a account, and will have to register with the Rewards Program.  To sign up for the Rewards Program:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Community”
  • Click on “Kroger Community Rewards”
  • Click on “Create an Account” (if you do not have one) OR Click on “Click Here to sign in”
  • Either way, once enrolled, select Oxford Presbyterian Church as the recipient of Kroger’s donations.  Our organization ID # is 80717