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  • Sharing Christ’s love with all: Sharing Christ’s love with all: - Through words and actions, we proclaim the unconditional love of Christ. - Filled with joy and hope, we build relationships across any boundaries that separate us.


Worship 10 o’clock Sunday Morning

Oxford Presbyterian Church Clergy: Pastor Lawrence Bartel

Worship Schedule

Sunday, October 16

22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture – 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:5
Sermon – “Inspired: To Breathe IN the Presence of God”

sunday, october 23

23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture – 2 Timothy 4:6-8; 16-18
Sermon – “The Second Naivete: An Ever Growing Faith”

Please join us in welcoming our new pastor, Rev. Lawrence Bartel to the pulpit.  All are welcome, bring a friend. Let’s Praise God Together!

I believe that I received a great gift.

Lawrence H. BartelPastor Lawrence Bartel’s Statement of Faith

This gift is a story of abundant life that I didn’t create and couldn’t image in my wildest dreams.  One generation joyfully and sacrificially passed this story of amazing grace onto the next until it was mine to receive.  Through my personal experiences and reflections, I claim this story of salvation as authentically my own in which I am a word within the Word.  I believe that it is by God’s grace alone that I continue to recognize, embody, and share this great gift of faith with others.

I believe this gift is a story about God who created everything that was, is, and will be, with a word.  The Israelites heard God’s word as freedom from oppression, justice in the face of tyranny, and life-giving commandments in a time of chaos.  Our ancestors of faith gifted us with many images and names of God the creator, including the very name that God spoke from the burning bush, I Am.  I continually seek communion with the Great I Am through prayer and spiritual practices, scripture and song, art and creation, and the ongoing witness of God’s children through the ages.

I believe this gift is a story about God becoming flesh and dwelling among us as the Word.  By his teaching and his way of life, Jesus of Nazareth opened the hearts and minds of those around him to know a transformative, intimate relationship with God.

Through the power of the Spirit, Jesus touched people in such a way that they were healed in body, mind, and soul.  Jesus took fish, grain, and grape in his hands and after blessing them opened our human senses to the miracles of abundance present all around us.  Jesus walked the way of love to the cross where he opened his arms to embrace the brokenness of the world, and in his resurrection redeemed it for all time.  I believe Jesus transformed the lives of many disciples and apostles who carried the good news of great joy to the north and south, east and west.

I believe this gift is a story about God still inspiring, speaking, and acting through the Holy Spirit.  During the darkest ages, the Holy Spirit sustained communities of Christians through worship and the sacraments, fellowship and mission.  In this time of great change, the Holy Spirit sustains us still.

I believe the Holy Spirit gathers Christians together into sustainable communities of transformation and lifelong learning, authenticity and accountability.  From Australia to Palestine, Mexico to India, South Africa to Scotland, I’ve experienced first hand the Holy Spirit taking the diverse threads of Christian culture, practice, and language that incline toward orthodoxy and parochialism, and weaving them into a rich tapestry that is the church of Jesus Christ today.  I’ve felt the Holy Spirit burning within me while walking on pilgrimage in Spain, France, and Galilee alongside followers of Jesus from around the world.  This journey of faith brings me such great joy.

This is God’s gift for all to receive.  This is the gift of faith.

Learn about Pastor Lawrence (.pdf) 

A Word From Pastor Lawrence

Dear Friends and Members of Oxford Presbyterian Church,

With deep joy and eager anticipation, I accept the nomination of your PNC to be the next pastor of Oxford Presbyterian Church!

By the time you read this, you may have already learned a few of the stories that have shaped my life and walk with Jesus. Everyday, I marvel that the Lord has called me to this wondrous vocation. Each day offers the incredible privilege to engage a community of all ages in real life stories of faith. I can’t wait to meet you in person, to know your names and—most significantly for me—begin to appreciate the stories of how the Lord has touched your lives!

I’m truly humbled and honored to become part of the story that is God’s work at Oxford Presbyterian Church, through you. I look forward to learning more about your story of faith that reaches back almost two hundred years. I’m excited to join your faithful ministry today, for I believe, that by God’s amazing grace, even greater and more transformative stories lie ahead of us in our ministry together.

I feel a strong call to Oxford Presbyterian Church. You are gifted with a compelling identity and mission in a university setting. Such a grace-filled context is more relevant than ever in our era of rapid globalization. This absolutely energizes me as a follower of Jesus living in the 21st century. I’m ready to serve Christ in the Oxford community alongside you as we tell our story by engaging hearts and minds, souls and senses.

Finally, let’s ground our new beginning together in prayer. From our first meeting, your Pastor Nominating Committee and I prayed together every time. Please join me in continuing this practice of faith. Let’s pray that the Spirit will lead us in “seeking God, serving others, and sharing Christ’s love with all.”

Pastor Lawrence

Oxford Presbyterian Women
Fall Gathering

Sunday, October 23, 2016
2:30 p.m.
in the Memorial Building
101 N. Main St., Oxford


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